Florida’s George LeMieux showed leadership in backing lending package

Republican George LeMieux of Florida entered the U.S. Senate last year as a stand-in. This week, he played the role of statesman. Mr. LeMieux was one of just two GOP senators to break with his party and clear the way for Thursday’s passage of a plan to make more credit and tax breaks available to small businesses. Unlike previous economic-relief measures, the Small Business Jobs Act won’t add to the federal budget deficit. Mr. LeMieux didn’t have to compromise his position against deficit spending to support it. Orlando Sentinel

Alabama Attorney General Troy King says Governor Bob Riley ‘easily manipulated’ by BP

In a press conference where he likened Gov. Bob Riley to a panhandler begging for crumbs, Attorney General Troy King said the governor has been ‘easily manipulated’ by oil giant BP, so much so that he believes Riley is working against the state’s interest by criticizing lawsuits that King has filed. Read more: Montgomery Advertiser