Another 1,300 oil and gas jobs on the horizon for Louisiana, LSU study says

Amid the potential for a decade of national growth in oil and gas production, Louisiana could gain 1,000 upstream oil and gas jobs through next year, according to the 2024 Gulf Coast Energy Outlook released Wednesday by the LSU Center for Energy Studies.

The state should add another 300 upstream jobs in 2025 before leveling off by 2026, the LSU report says.

Louisiana’s refining and chemical manufacturing sector employment should grow by 1% to 2% annually over the next three years, which would push it past its pre-COVID levels of employment, the report says. Those figures mirror the expected growth rate for the same sector in Texas, which should add about 8,000 upstream jobs in 2024 and another 2,500 in 2025.

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Author: William Randle