Avid Boats expanding facility in Monroe County, Miss.

Fishing boat manufacturer Avid Boats is renovating and expanding its facility in Monroe County. The project is a $7.96 million investment that will create 50 new jobs.

Avid Boats produces high-quality aluminum fishing boats from its headquarters in Amory. In March, a tornado significantly damaged the manufacturing facility. As a result, Avid is rebuilding and expanding from its original 85,000-square-foot facility to 100,000 square feet to accommodate current needs and future growth.

The Mississippi Development Authority is providing assistance for construction, as well as through the Mississippi Flexible Tax Incentive, or MFLEX. Monroe County, with its active support, including the conveyance of the real property for the facility’s construction, will also play a key role in assisting with the project. Mississippi Development Authority

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Author: William Randle