People are moving to these NC cities more than any others in 2023, report shows

Over the years, North Carolina has been among the fastest growing states., and according to a new report, it’s been one of the most popular states to move to in 2023. A report from moveBuddha, a relocation technology company, sheds light on which cities and states people have been moving to and away from this year. North Carolina is among the top states seeing the biggest boom in population growth. “South Carolina, North Carolina, and Montana are proven winners year after year after year — interest for moving to these states has outpaced moves out from 2020 through 2023,” the report says. “Of the most searched states with at least 10K mover queries, North Carolina, Florida, and Colorado are attracting the highest proportions of inflow in 2023.”

Asheville and Wilmington are among the top cities to move to in the U.S. Charlotte is making a post-pandemic comeback, as the most popular big city to move to in 2023, with more people moving in than out, the report says. Since 2020, more people have been relocating to southeastern states and mountains in the west, in part due to the pandemic. Charlotte Observer

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Author: William Randle