The Great Migration brought thousands of people to Texas. Here’s where they came from.

The pandemic sparked a Great Migration that put millions of Americans — and considerable wealth — on the move, and Texas had the second-highest amount of new citizens calling the Lone Star state home.

New data from the American Community Survey shows Texas added just over 668,000 new residents with a net migration over 174,000.

Texas added the most new residents from California (102,442), while it lost the most residents (42,279) to the Golden State. Texans also moved to Florida in droves, with over 38,000 residents moving to the southwest.

It’s important to note the state-to-state migration data represents estimates rather than the exact number of moves, so there is a margin of error. Additionally, the data doesn’t cover immigration from other countries.

While experts say the Great Migration has slowed, it’s still having a substantial impact on local economies even as remote-work availability is lessening. That’s particularly true when it comes to housing and workforce development. San Antonio Business Journal

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Author: William Randle